San Vincenzo is one of the most equipped tourist centers of the Etruscan Coast, able to offer the greatest hotel and non-hotel accommodation in the Val di Cornia.

Thanks to its mild climate, its natural conformation, its centrality within the Tyrrhenian coast, San Vincenzo is a place to come on holiday all year round, not only in summer. Its coastline of clear and very fine sand stretches for 12 kilometers and for large stretches it has behind it a thick Mediterranean scrub that reaches the beach directly.

Free beaches and equipped beaches alternate from the northern border with the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci to the southern one with the promontory of Baratti and Populonia in the Municipality of Piombino. Most of the equipped beaches and beach establishments are located in the urban center, while the longest stretch of free beach (about 8 Km) coincides with the beach of the Rimigliano park in the southern area of ​​the Municipality, a natural park that is part of the Val di Cornia system of parks and which is characterized by an extraordinarily intact Mediterranean maquis, crossed by equipped paths that arrive directly on a very deep and wild beach.

At the center of the village is the tourist port, expanded in recent years, which allows nautical tourism to find an excellent landing point within the Tuscan archipelago. In addition to the sea, San Vincenzo offers the possibility of nature trails linked to the presence of the Rimigliano park and the hilly hamlet of San Carlo, a former mining village that is now very popular due to its naturalistic and scenic location in the Val di Cornia hills. The development of farm activities born in the last 10 years in the countryside has integrated the traditional offer of seaside tourism with that of a relaxing holiday, in contact with nature and the landscape and food and wine values ​​of the territory. The ample supply of sports facilities and equipped natural paths has made in the years of San Vincenzo a place where sports tourism in particular linked to the bicycle has consolidated its presence, offering guests of local facilities ample opportunities to practice a sport during their living room.

Its central location within the Tyrrhenian coast allows those who decide to spend their holidays here to easily and quickly reach the other main tourist destinations in the area, such as the Val di Cornia Parks system, including the park of Rimigliano apart, but which sees in the archaeological park of Baratti and the promontory of Populonia and in the archememing of San Silvetsro real points of excellence on the national scene. .

A few kilometers away are the medieval villages of Suvereto, Campiglia Marittima, Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, but also the beaches of the Sterpaia natural park in the Municipality of Piombino or the thermal spring of Caldana in the Municipality of Campiglia Marittima. A little more than an hour's drive away cities like Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Pisa and Florence, the latter two distant 70 and 150 Km respectively. The port of Piombino, the main embarkation point for the Island of Elba , is only 22 Km.

Piombino boasts a millenary history, Etruscans, Romans, historical names such as the Borgias, Appiani, Cosimo De Medici, Boncompagni-Luduvisi, the Bonaparte. The historic center of Piombino is a must for those visiting the area, rich in medieval and Renaissance testimonies full of ancient alleys and panoramic streets that open onto the sea. To visit: Il Torrione, the ancient main gate of the city, the Casa delle Bifore, the oldest building in the city, dating back to the 13th century, now home to the Historical Archive of Piombino, the Town Hall originally "Palazzo dei Priori", the Palazzo Appiani, home of the 15th century family. Piazza Bovio, a panoramic point overlooking the sea and offering an enchanting glimpse of the Tuscan Archipelago Islands to the coasts of Corsica. The Castle, an ancient structure that incorporates the Medici Fortress, an ancient gateway to the east of the city, today houses the Museum of the Castle and Medieval Ceramics. The Cathedral of Sant'Antimo, built in 1377, the Archaeological Museum of the territory of Populonia built at the beginning of the nineteenth century for the reigning Felice and Elisa Baciocchi (Bonaparte), houses over two thousand pieces, including prehistoric artifacts, finds from the excavations of the necropolis Etruscans of Populonia and its territory and materials from the Roman period including the famous silver Amphora I Canali and the Marina di Marina, Le Mura Leonardesche, which once enclosed the city.

Suvereto has a long history, the inhabitants were granted the Charta libertatis in 1200 by Count Ildebrandino VIII of the Aldobrandeschi. A remarkable "conquest" for the time, which entailed the faculty of administering justice, selling and buying land, of having its own militia. Suvereto is a pearl enclosed by medieval walls, perfectly preserved, walking in its alleys full of history you can visit the Cloister of San Francesco, the Church of the Crucifix, the Rocca Aldobrandesca, the Town Hall, the Doll Museum, the Church of the Madonna above the door The museum of sacred art.

Campiglia Marittima is a medieval village of the Etruscan Coast, one of the most suggestive and best preserved; a small stone jewel. The historic center of Campiglia is a complex of monumental interest, with the 12th century fortress, the parish church of San Giovanni, the parish church of San Lorenzo, the palace, the nineteenth-century Teatro dei Concordi. Its historic center is a labyrinth of streets where it is nice to get lost and then find yourself in the main square. The human presence on the territory dates back to a period between 90 thousand and 35 thousand years ago, but the most evident settlement traces emerge from the Etruscan period of which the Forni Fusori remain in the Madonna di Fucinaia area, near the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro.

The Parks of Val di Cornia, in Tuscany, tell a millenary history that starts from the ancient Etruscan people and bears witness to centuries of metal mining and processing, also offering splendid natural, coastal and hilly environments.

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